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Иван Почекин
Впечатления прекрасные! Симфонию Моцарта мы играли уже много раз и со многими коллективами и дирижерами, но сегодня было настоящее ощущение праздника. Хотя концерт был очень ответственный, сегодня было очень свободное музицирование! Без такой атмосферы Моцарт до конца не раскрывается. И то, что сегодня было преподнесено нам, и то, что мы преподнесли оркестру и маэстро Сладковскому было очень красиво! Впечатления прекрасные!
Айлен Притчин
Я и раньше слышал, но сейчас сам убедился в том, что Государственный симфонический оркестр Татарстана - это первоклассный оркестр, пожалуй один их лучших в стране! Было очень приятно почувствовать энергетическую отдачу от оркестра. Здорово, когда ты чувствуешь, что не только ты один заинтересован в результате, когда абсолютно все участники процесса действуют сообща. Я очень рад, что мне удалось это почувствовать сегодня! Далеко не...
Михаил Почекин
Михаил Почекин
Я в Казани первый раз. Впечатления от оркестра и маэстро Сладковского совершенно фантастические! Прекрасный зал, прекрасная публика! Я в восторге! Я считаю, что Татарстанский оркестр играет на мировом уровне!
Андрей Коробейников
The orchestra has cool sound, especially the strings are good. You can say about the level of the orchestra by them. As far as I know, there is a good string school in Kazan, and the wonderful sound and expressiveness that we heard is the proof of it. Everyone played very sensitively, we had amazing dialogues with the orchestra ... Everyone should be involved in the creation of music and devote himself to the conductor and also to the pianist.
Денис Мацуев
Denis Matsuev
The "White Lilac" festival becomes the call card of Kazan and the orchestra. I have worked with the TNSO for several years and I can see how the ensemble grows, what programs they do. Today we record a concerto for Mezzo channel. As you know, the live concerto was recorded in Moscow in March and the viewings are very successful . We get feedback and reviews about the orchestra from around the world. Not so many people knew about the orchestra, but now the level of the musicians is fascinated. We do not stop the work with the orchestra and Alexandr Sladkovsky. Each rehearsal for me is a discovery!
Артём Варгафтик
Artem Wahrhaftig
The movement of the festival was growing. It’s not about the amount of people, our halls are full thanks to God. It’s about the faith of people and how it equal the hopes of people. People quickly become accustomed to a quality of the orchestra and have an intuitive sense of confidence. The Tatarstan National Symphony Orchestra headed by Alexandr Sladkovsky has already got the reputation, repertoire, and confidence. There is such a thing as stress resistance. The orchestra has very tough stress today. The stress will only increase, as it always happens to good orchestras. But the ability to cope with problems also grows along with the team, this can be heard and seen, and it is certainly a very great deal of respect.
Александр Торадзе
Alexander Toradze
I know the orchestra since our meeting a year ago in Irkutsk at the festival of our beloved Denis Matsuev. Today I was fascinated again by the orchestra and Maestro Sladkovsky how sensitively they reacted, how carefully they listened and how brilliantly they created music! I cannot even express my admiration by the performance of the Symphony No. 3 (Prokofiev)” Truly great music should not be just liked or disliked. It should change something in person. I think today the conductor and orchestra succeeded in it. I am fond of both opera and a symphony . There were so much freedom, lyrics and touching moments at the concert today. The Orchestra of Tatarstan has become a world-class team, and everyone can hear it. The orchestra with such collective energy is destined...
Daria Rabotkina
I have great impressions about the orchestra and maestro Sladkovskiy even better than that! I've been working with many of the orchestras in USA and here, in Kazan the level of details and return is very high! I play with this orchestra not for the first time, but nevertheless emotions are overwhelming. An outstanding team! I hope that I will have the opportunity to work with them again!
Борис Андрианов
Boris Andrianov
We are united by the joyful attempt to introduce the audience in Kazan with the classic music based on the ideas of Alfred Schnittke at our concerts. 
Айлен Притчин
Aylen Pritchin
I enjoyed the rehearsals and the orchestra. It is a great joy to work and play with people who truly love music! I am very glad that I played the Violin Concerto of Prokofiev for first time in my life here!
Валерий Соколов
Valery Sokolov
The Tatarstan National Symphony Orchestra is a unique team. Its energy is already famous in Moscow and St. Petersburg. I am honored to perform at the festival "CONCORDIA" thankfully to Alexandr Sladkovsky.
Максим Рысанов
It is a great pleasure to perform with such magnificent orchestra directed by Maestro Alexandr Sladkovsky particularly in such festival as Concordia. I’ve got an intellectual feast from this meeting!
Дмитрий Корчак
What a pleasure and chance to meet with you. You give me love to music as a present and you’ve made my debut on Kazan stage real holiday. I’m looking forward to a new meeting with you!
Станислав Кочановский
Stanislav Kochanovsky
Such a wonderful orchestra! Thank you for a great concert and I wish you much happiness!
Павел Милюков
I am always happy to be in Kazan! I have a lot of unforgettable impressions about work with Maestro, the musicians and the audience! Take care of yourself and have good luck! May God bless you!
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27 Monday
January / 2020


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