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Запись на телеканале Mezzo
The Recording for Mezzo
March 10 National Symphony Orchestra of  Tatarstan took part in the subscription of the Moscow Philharmonic Society "soloist Denis Matsuev." The concert was recorded on the TV channel Mezzo.
То, что мы делаем, важно так же, как и нефтехимия
What we do is important, as well as an Oil and Chemical Industry
Perhaps the name "Property of the Republic" - a little old tired, but it accurately reflects the purpose of our project.
Благотворительность - это жизненная позиция
Charity is a life position
Charity is not just something to give, but also to be involved in.
Для чего Татарстану Молодежный оркестр?
Why does Tatarstan need youth orchestra?
Children’s orchestra is founded in Kazan, which is called Youth symphony orchestra of the Republic of Tatarstan.
Дирижёр в России больше, чем дирижёр
Conductor in Russia more than conductor
If we talk about Russian orchestras , they can never be European because of their organizational and structural features.
Чем быстрее мы укомплектуем оркестр, тем лучше он будет звучать
The sooner we will complete the orchestra, the better it will sound
Our orchestra has no sponsors. In general, we have all we need. But we must understand that we are forced to reallocate the funds, and this year we purchased less number of instruments.
У меня нет цели делать "Конкордию" фестивалем суперпремьер
I don’t have a goal to make the "Concordia" the festival of super premiers
90 % of the compositions that sounded at the Concordia for 3 years were actually written by 50 - 60 or more years ago and never performed before at the festival in Kazan.
Я счастлив за Иркутск
I'm happy for IRKUTSK
About the Festival "Stars on Baikal": We are honored to be among the constellation of the orchestras that have already visited Irkutsk on this significant international music forum.
Вся дирижерская кухня происходит в контакте с оркестром
The conductors’ inner workings is connected with orchestra
During the three years of my work here I have seen just several students of Conservatory at our rehearsals. I can count them on the fingers of one hand.
В культуру надо вкладывать!
The culture needs investments!
The top managers in Japan, in the 70 - 80s of the last century were forced to listen to the music of Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, and Tchaikovsky.
 Связь времен и традиций - не пустой звук
The connection between traditions and generations means a lot for me
Because, I was not related to Tatarstan before and was lucky to get here , it would be correct to pay tribute to the people who lived here before me , worked with the orchestra , who were a part of that culture.
Музыку создает народ
Music is created by people
Any classical music has roots. There is a classic form of symphonic music. The golden part of it is the Viennese classical school. But in every nation it is reflected differently.
Наши амбиции больше наших возможностей
Our ambitions are greater than our abilities
Our ambitions are greater than our abilities. If we really want to leap forward in the Tatar music, we have to work very seriously in this direction.
Моя мечта была и есть – выйти с оркестром на мировой уровень!
I have a dream to enter the international level with the orchestra
Be aware of your dreams, for they come true. If they don’t they were not real.
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