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Он был ни на кого не похожим
He was no one else like
In Moscow, opened Troekurov cemetery monument to the outstanding musician Fuat Mansurov (1928 - 2010).
"Белая сирень": подводя итоги
White lilac bottom line
Simple festival was transformed into three major events: the festival itself, the presentation of a new instrument, and most importantly - a recording for Mezzo. We can say now that we done more, than we planned.
RECORDING on the TV channel MEZZO
March 10 National Symphony Orchestra of Tatarstan took part in the subscription of the Moscow Philharmonic Society "soloist Denis Matsuev." The concert was recorded on the TV channel Mezzo. Our participation in this project is based on three aspects. The first - a long-term friendship and cooperation with world-renowned pianist Denis Matsuev. He is not the first time acts as our guarantor, for which we are eternally grateful.
Ушел из жизни Святослав Бэлза
Svyatoslav Belza died
Svyatoslav Belza was our very close friend.
"Белая сирень" цветет
"White lilac" blossoms
What is Rachmaninov? He is the center of Universe, the combination of oriental flavor with Russian power. In the early twentieth century he was kind of the center of attraction for musicians. His work was influenced by the previous generation of the Titans - primarily Tchaikovsky. But Rachmaninov greatly influenced other composers.
Страсти по премиям
The fuss about a Tukay`s Prize
Anyone and I never promised to write all the music all the Tatar composers. My task - to develop and promote the world of the State Symphony Orchestra of the Republic of Tatarstan, a year later, I hope, will be widely celebrated its 50th anniversary.
Светлый праздник в Казани
The bright feast in Kazan
Studying in the Nineties in the conductor's Mecca - the first Russian Conservatory in St. Petersburg, which graduates were Mravinsky, Musin, Rabinovich, Temirkanov, Jansons, Simonov, Fedotov, Tchernushenko, I did not understand what is really happening to me.
Рахлин мог бы нами гордиться
Rakhlin could be proud of us
The program of the first concert of the festival came in Mussorgsky and his "Songs and Dances of Death."
В память о Рахлине
In memory of Rakhlin
The first concert of our festival "Rakhlin Seasons" is dedicated to the 175th anniversary of Mussorgskoy. This date we could not miss. Happiness and for the orchestra, and to the public that Olga Borodina was free, and she came. "Songs and Dances of Death" by Mussorgskoy, which she sang - a very complex composition.
Новая культурная магистраль
The new cultural magistral
I have come back from Novosibirsk where was arranged Trans Siberian Art Festival initiated by Vadim Repin. I was conducting in Novosibirsk for the first time.
Артисты несут миссию дипломатов
Artists have been carrying the diplomat`s mission
National Symphony Orchestra  of Tatarstan returned from Paris, where April 2 took part in the ceremony of conferring the honorary title of Goodwill Ambassador Denis Matsuev.
Служить искусству легко
If you adore you job, It`s easy to serve for art
Serve art easily, because you love your job and you can not live without it. Indeed, in the culture of the people do not come by accident.
Оркестр - это политический инструмент
The orchestra is a political tool
National Orchestra - it's not just some philharmonic structure, a kind of political tool.
Запись на телеканале Mezzo
The Recording for Mezzo
March 10 National Symphony Orchestra of  Tatarstan took part in the subscription of the Moscow Philharmonic Society "soloist Denis Matsuev." The concert was recorded on the TV channel Mezzo.
То, что мы делаем, важно так же, как и нефтехимия
What we do is important, as well as an Oil and Chemical Industry
Perhaps the name "Property of the Republic" - a little old tired, but it accurately reflects the purpose of our project.
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